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Still Life with seashell
The branch of apple
White lilies
Red Lantern
Still Life with Jug
Moss ash
Flowering pear
Maria Andreeva

Born in 1973,
Graduate from PTHU of K.A.Savitski
MGAHI of V.I.Surikov
Member of the TSH of Russia, SH of Russia, MSH
Lives and works in Moscow


    Maria Andreeva graduated from Surikovsk Institute. She had to honor to learn from excellent teachers who have formed her as a creative person and a professional graphic artist. Boris Uspensky, Nikolai Voronkov, Anatoly Yakushin, strict and demanding teachers, brought her to the path of true art, genuine and pure. Her diploma, immediately drew attention. It is a series of lithographs on Russian life, folk festivals, the so-called glubinka, which has always fed Russian culture. Graphic series was a success during the presentation. Stylistically precise, without false impressions, complexity and snobbishness, graphic art of Maria Andreeva is the cause for optimism and faith.
    Colorful Russian character - a bear at the festival, is particularly well done. It is original and amusing. The entire series - is a hit on advertising, which so often pursues us on all channels of television and alienates its self with cheapness and stylish lies. Russian - is not a local notion, it is a deeply philosophical notion, the notion of great significance, this is the whole world. Therefore, Ivan Bunin was able to make one of his best creations, «dark alleys», in faraway France, and Sergei Rachmaninoff created one of his best concerts also outside the mother land. Stravinsky, Nabokov, Kandinsky, Brodsky, Shemyakin - they all, have not the local but the Great Russian something in their art, which thus becomes important and eternal.
    A series of still-life, successfully exhibited at the All-Russian Exhibition of 2001, confirmed the mature skill of the young artist and seemed to set the path for many years to come. During these two series, Maria Andreyeva was awarded the Governor's Award in the city of Penza, where she originates form. However, unsatisfied and in search - this is how the true artist lives. The new series is quite different. Tentatively it could be called «black trees on a white plane». It would seem that it is quite simple... All is minimized, no plot, no decorations and flirting. Black on white. However, each page - is the formula of feelings, hidden emotions of large internal tension. Pages are perfect and modern with no «glamour», they are modern because people of today are too much constrained in their feelings, they do not lisp, does not look for a cheap answer to its thoughts in art. Each page has drama, tension, and quiet rest.
    A sure sign of the depth of artistic work - it is when you are the viewer and judge, and are striving to come back again. These works attract over and over. Such way in art is hard, people do not get «hooked» on these straight away, but this is the path that has to be travelled and which eventually brings to the truth. Now M. Andreeva creates an interesting series of works called «Portrait - look of our contemporary man».
Particular attention should be paid to picturesque portraits of Maria Andreeva, among which the large proportion is taken by portraits of children. The exact specifications are combined with beautiful scenic solutions. Portraits of adults are based on the basis of the great Russian and European school of painting: literate structure, exact similarity and expressiveness.
Maria Andreeva professional works in the genre of monumental wall murals. Paintings of the interior, walls, fragments of a closed architecture are executed at a high level, in the tradition of great art and focus on specific artistic tasks based on the specifics of the object.
The experience and skill - is a guarantee of high quality of final works.
Maria Andreeva leads a successful teaching career - dealing with children and older people, but also prepares students for admission to art schools and institutes.
Maria is a permanent member of Russian and foreign exhibitions. Her works are in private collections.

Oleg Savostyuk,
People's Artist of Russia, Academician, Head of the Faculty of graphics of MGAHI of V.I. Surikov, professor.

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