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Course volume 374 hours.

Explanatory note.

    Composition course in art school of Oleg Savostyuk aims to develop figurative thinking and creativity in students, but also give them a foundation for professional skills and knowledge.
It is necessary to inculcate, to students, the ability to observe life from an early age. Required reserve of life observations is a key condition of those students working on the composition.
The purpose of educating composition is to develop imagination and creative thinking. Teach the use of composition possibilities of an image: choose a theme, format, control the paper, to interpret objects and space (to solve a system of subordination of details); outline rhythmic expressive elements of nature and to identify primary color-tone structure of the picture; to transmit the state and mood.
Learn the techniques of use of the sketch in the work on thematic compositions. To understand the need for observations and sketches from nature in order to enrich the idea of a thematic compositions.
Tasks included assignments on ornamental compositions, artwork, theatrical costumes, types of graphics, etc.
Basics of compositions in the younger groups are taught in a more simplistic manner, simply, taking into account the age, and in the older groups much more thoroughly and consistently studying the laws of composition.


Approximate theme schedule

First class
First grade

1. Introductory talk. (1 hour)
The development of imagination. Working with fill ins. What do children see from completed fill ins?
- Underwater kingdom
- Space
- Flower Planet
3 exercises of 3 hours - 9 hours
9 hours

2. Simple theme Fantastic flower from the world of fairy tales.
The development of imagination.
Fill inn appliqué
6 hours

3. Topic Fantastic City.
Introduction to the sketch. Basic knowledge of technology of fill inn appliqué.
6 hours

4. Watercolor technique: spot painting. The development of imagination, figurative thinking - fantastic animal
6 hours

5. Watercolor technique: fill in mosaic
- Firebird
- Wizard
- The beast from another planet
9 hours

6. Watercolor technique: aqua tone printing (creased paper, watercolor). Underwater kingdom
3 hours

7. Watercolor technique. Composition in the spraying technique: Mood, Music, Color snowflakes.
6 hours

8. Watercolor technique. Fill ins with wax:
- Butterfly
- Joy
- Flowers
9 hours

9. Watercolor technique: complete the animal - color drape Fantastic animal
3 hours

10. Watercolor technique: spot painting Butterfly.
Fill in and appliqué.
6 hours

11. Mosaic Dancing Butterflies. Fill in and appliqué.
6 hours

12. Working with ink: spot painting
- Good and evil cat
- Fairy Tale Forest
- Wood
9 hours

13. Introduction to graphics (ink)
The nature of the line:
- broken
- soft
- good
- bad
3 hours

14. Introduction to monotypes. Work on the copier
- Portrait of Mother
- Portrait of Father
- Portrait of Grandmother
- Self portrait
9 hours

15. Composition of the musical associations (in lines)
Markers, ballpoint and capillary pens.
3 hours

16. Composition on colored paper is executed with white agents
Winter in the backyard - black and white.
6 hours

Total hours: 102

Second class
Second grade

1. Simple composition, based on observations.
- The way home from school
- The road from home to school
Is implemented with lines on the fill in

6 hours

2. Watercolor portrait of mother. The development of observation.
3 hours

3. The development of imagination: Letter of the primitive man
(familiarity with the symbol, points, lines, diversity)
6 hours

4. The development of imagination: wax painting. Landscape with wax chalks and watercolor fill in.
6 hours

5. Getting started with gouache. Sketches. The Tale of Tsar Saltan
6 hours

6. Simple composition on the development of imagination, at the option of:
- Clay land, land of the day...
- Glass-land, land of the night
- Wooden land;
- Paper land, etc.
24 hours

7. Simple topic: illustration of a fairy tale by A.S. Pushkin, at own choice.
2 exercises of 12 hours = 24 hours
24 hours

8. Composition: Portrait of a friend, pet, toy.
2 exercises of 6 hours = 12 hours
12 hours

9. Composition on colored paper. Tale, fable, short story.
3 exercises of 6 hours = 18 hours
18 hours

Total hours: 102

Third class
Third grade
1. Composition How I spent summer, based on summer observations. Gouache
1 exercise = 6 hours
6 hours

2. Composition Landscape - wax chalks and watercolor.
1 exercise = 6 hours
6 hours

3. The literary theme - fable. Watercolor and gouache
12 hours

4. Composition Carousel - gouache
12 hours

5. Composition City landscape
12 hours

6. Composition I put set up still life
12 hours

7. Simple composition Bus stop
12 hours

8. The literary theme. Piece at own choice.
24 hours

Total hours: 102

Note: all drawings are done on sketches in pencil and color, center of the drawing, richness and format are explained.

Forth class
Fourth grade

1. Free topic for summer impressions
8 hours

2. Illustration of a literary work or exercise, or by choice.
2 exercises of 12 hours = 24 hours
24 hours

3. Self-portrait with a friend.
1 exercise = 12 hours
12 hours

4. Composition From the life of our city.
Examination Setting.
24 hours

Total hours:

Note: in 4 class, sketches are required from students with variants of compositional solutions (drawings and sketches).
In thematic tasks, recommend solution for sketches with various horizon, depth of perspective and space, familiarize with basis and laws of composition.
When working on the composition teacher holds exhibition of best sketches, essays, works. Marks are given for each task.